The New York
Review of Books
September 15, 2015
Egypt’s Media: Endorsing Repression

The Guardian January 27, 2015
The news website that’s keeping press freedom alive in Egypt

The New Yorker February 6, 2012
Working Titles
What do the most industrious people on earth read for fun?

Condé Nast Traveler August 2011
The Vanishing
In the Four Corners region stand the magnificent abandoned towns of the Southwest's ancient Anasazi civilization.

National Geographic May 2008
Gilded Age, Gilded Cage
A new middle class means aspiration—and anxiety.

Wall Street Journal June 8, 2005
Min's Return
A Migrant Worker Sees Rural Home In a New Light

  December 31, 2004
Company Town
In Chinese Factory, Rhythms of Trade Replace Rural Life

  November 8, 2004
The Chinese Dream
At 18, Min Finds A Path to Success in Migration Wave